The Divine Mother Ballad

Divine Mother Ballad
For the Celtic Mother Goddess Evelyn

The Verdant Isle

Come with me, soar, Verdant Isle
Where joy-love-time perpetual wile
Dwell ancestors, gay Gaelic guile
Weaving great tales, seep woeful smiles
Sorrow reaps tears enigmatic transform
Hearth kindles, core melts and life warms

Harvest jig taps, steadily surges
Momentum wakes, vigil emerges
Tender dance nurtures life-breath from death
Immortality flowers as Earth's bequest
Let bygones be bygones, lifetimes hard spent
On God's wealth now may the ears be lent

Daughters courageous, sweet-fervent beckon
Ardent potential nine full moons reckon
Labor-delivers life vital robust
Vanquishes death with momentous thrust
Mother reigns supreme, subtle golden web
Her she-pawns, garlands adorning Earth's head

Hark! ye daughters, haste make way
No longer time shall rule the day
Crescent moon rides chance, all for one
Mother sacrifices ritual son
Does not wisdom ooze from breasts erect
Truth-nudged draught the young expect?

How can the tree 'ere crooked grow
If guided by compassionate flow?
Core Mann's Isle, soma forest lush
Crimson heart beats ever plush
With velvety flowing blood networks
To nourish all who would not shirk

The taste buds of life, savor ripe with pain
Nor the fragrance of pleasures inspired for gain
Heart muscle quickens, beats and flutters
God's pulse dominates, races, shudders--
Claims, releases all-knowing might
Sacred heart aloft in motionless flight

Hub of life, breath-absolute still
Mother and child again one will
Exit as entered free sublime
Transcendent all matter, space, time
Poised here, balanced, perfect stillness be
Know nothing sure, nor separate from Thee--

Desire complete cool-bathed extinct
No longer seeking a missing link
Kin-clan descend to Isle explore
Revive ancient roots, uncover sacred lore
What be life luxuriant green?
In emerald reflection sight Motherly Queen:

A path, a gateway, a door, a hub
The oasis, the isle, the nexus, the pub
The fragrant, the soft, the mellow tune
The joyful jig, the lassie's bloom
A meeting, common-union, an absolute tie
Glean-quicken together as God passes by


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© 2005 Laurel Hovde