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The Doohen-Hovde Family Line

Celtic Feminine Line: Evelyn Cecelia Doohen Hovde  
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Nordic Masculine Line: Rieber Cornelius Hovde Sr
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1945 Evelyn Cecelia Doohen Hovde and Rieber Cornelius Hovde Sr and family in Bethesda, MD in 1945. Front kneeling on the mark is Rieber Jr. 5 years; left, Carl Alexander 3 years, Evelyn holding baby Robert Louis 6 months, Rieber Sr. in navy uniform and tilted hat, and Laurel 4 yrs, on right holding kitten and star wand

1955 Rollover: Hovde family moves to Urbana IL from Green Valley IL.   Standing left Evelyn, Laurel, Carl, and Rieber Sr. Seated playing the organ is Rieber Jr and Robert is seated on the right.


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