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The Chanted Forest of AUM 


Milarepa listening to Divine Sound
Anahata Nada, the Heart's Sound



Milarepa Chants The Magical Forest
"His Summer Bower" into Being

The Life of Milarepa is a new translation from the Tibetan by Lobsang P. Lhalungpa who was born in Lhasa, Tibet, and has passed through the disciplines of the major branches of Tibetan Buddhism under many of its greatest living masters.  He renders the biography of Milarepa, the eleventh century yogin and poet, the most reknown saint in Tibetan Buddhist history, into a simple modern English that reflects the direct power of the original.

The most beloved story of the Tibetan people,The Life of Milarepa is one of the greatest source books for the contemplative life in all of world literature. It can be read on several levels. It is a personal and moving introduction to Tibetan Buddhism and a profoundly detailed guidebook in transforming consciousness. It presents the quest for spiritual perfection, tracing the path of a great sinner who became a great saint. In addition, it is a powerful and graphic folk tale, full of magic, disaster, feuds, deceptions and humor. It awakens the awareness of Milarepa directly into the heart, uplifts, dispells illusion and in one magical sweep, it focuses on purposeful being.

Ode to Milarepa


Click link to sound the AUM

Sacred forest I chant thee Appear
Nurture itinerants who lend an ear
Give them wisdom of mighty root
Heaven's top hat now earthly boot


Sacred Forest I chant thee Life
Nourish wayfarers' weary strife
Dance your branches, reach, entwine
Magic lyrical limbs of thine


Sacred forest I chant thee Replete
Nurture beings who doth entreat
Like tender saplings seeking sky
Without question how or why


Sacred forest I chant thee Abide
To nurture trekkers' quick-step aside
From robotic jungle of plastic-tin
To enliven sustenance within




Sacred Forest I chant thee Refresh
Travellers thirsting on their quest
Grant verdant mosses glistening dew
To lips that lap thy nectar true




Sacred Forest I chant thee Glee
Enliven wanderers to be free
May they venture forth to jig
With tiger hid 'neath tiny twig




Sacred Forest I chant thee Green
Murmur heartfelt love supreme
Sun, thy mate, responds your claim
Smiles its power gently tame



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© 2004 Laurel Hovde