Stunning Moment
Sun Dances

Stunning Moment

Stunning moment!
Ground forces
Attentively await
Light Commander's


Path Red the Orange

Path red the orange
So sun the rise
Awakens the soul
To make us wise

Opens the heart
To light up life
Warms the body
To lessen strife

Together as one
Unbroken the chain
So we with another
One verse remain


Sun Rises Gladly

Sun rises gladly
Plays hide and seek
Peek-a-boo eyes ‘hind
Tree boughs so meek

Comely sweetly
Doth fair tree sing
Scattering leaves
In flight like wings

‘Mongst the Cyprus
Sentinals bold
Stalwart straight
And not yet old

Grounded securely
For sake of growth
Avoid misbehaving
By taking an oath

Straight and tall
Shall we grow
Never to bend
Nor waver so

To reach the sky
We set our sights
Onward together
With all our might

Warmth the sun
Perfume the breath
Lifting us high
We need no rest

May sun rise
Play hide and seek
Peek-a-boo ‘hind
Tree boughs meek..

Grounded shall we
happily stay
Reaching for sky
Pointing the way

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