Peace Corps back

Bob Hovde and Linda Ostema have just celebrated their 50th anniversary. They were high school sweethearts in Urbana, Illinois. They graduated from the University of Illinois in 1966 and 1967, both in education, and then headed for Ethiopia to serve a two-year stint as teachers in the Peace Corps. Ethiopia has remained a major focus of their lives ever since. After six years on the Navajo Reservation teaching Navajo children for the Bureau of Indian Affairs and two children later (David, born 1970; Bryn born 1973), the Hovde foursome moved to the Phoenix area where they attended ASU, Bob completed his Ph.D. In 1983, Bob and Linda returned to Ethiopia along with David and Bryn to serve in administration with Mennonite Mission in Ethiopia. Returning to Illinois in 1988, the Hovdes relocated in Normal, Illinois where Bob held various positions at Illinois State University. Linda served as Illinois-Wisconsin coordinator for MCC Great Lakes. David moved to Evanston, Illinois to join Reba Place Fellowship and Bryn married Rebecca Johnson and they have now settled in Iowa with their two wonderful children. Bryn teaches art at Iowa Mennonite School. After leaving Normal, Bob and Linda spent two more years in Ethiopia with MME and then about eight years in Sarasota as high school principal. Bob and Linda have retired in Evanston where they enjoy living in the same neighborhood as son David and fairly close to son Bryn and his family.



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