Peace Corps

White House Lawn, 1962
photos by lhovde

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Peace Corps Response
Peace Corps Response Volunteers are providing much needed targeted assistance in a breadth of assignment areas, from HIV/AIDS activities, humanitarian assistance, post-conflict reconstruction projects as well as addressing critical needs in the areas of education and technology. Read their stories for a firsthand account of their Peace Corps Response experience.

Excerpt from the Peace Corps Congressional Report 1965 (download .pdf)
Hoffmann Ecuador p. 40

Laurel Hovde
PCV Ecuador

"Thirty-nine teachers are assigned to rural and urban schools. Laurel Hovde, 24, from Urbana, Illinonis, re-enlisted for a third year to teach Chemistry in the town of Banos; she is also involved in teacher-training at the State Normal School. The potential of this town is epitomized in its Centro Comunal, which the teachers and Volunteers planned and organized. English is taught to children and to adults; cooking, child care, sewing, and general home economics are taught to groups of housewives in "Mothers Classes" --the Normal School teachers and the Volunteers providing the instruction and guidance. The Centro reaches the rural communities with these classes as well as with programs in applied agriculture; we have placed a Heifer Project Volunteer in Banos to help with the 4-H Club, small scale rabbit and chicken projects, and other agriculture work.

Peace Corps Congressional Report 1965 (download .pdf)
Peace Corps Congressonal Report 1966 (download .pdf)
Project Boresight, a view of Politics, October, 1962


Robert and Linda Hovde
PCV's Haik Ethiopia 1967-1969
Teachers Navajo Indian Reservation
Dzilth Na O Dith Hle, NM 1970-1976

Bob Hovde and Linda Ostema graduated from the University of Illinois in 1966 and 1967, both in education, and then headed for Ethiopia to serve a two-year stint as teachers in the Peace Corps. Ethiopia has remained a major focus of their lives ever since.



Christopher Stephens
(b. April 18, 1960 - d. September 11, 2012 )

Stephens, a diplomat and lawyer, was an ex-Peace Corps Volunteer who was stationed in Morroco from 1983 to 1985. He taught English as a Second Language.  He spoke, Arabic, French and English. He was killed in the service of Peace and his Country.  Three other Americans died along with him in the unrest in Lybia on Septembr 11, 2012. See Fallen Herose RIP: Gathering on the The White House Lawn.

Kelly Lynn Hovde
in Vet School

Read Kelly Hovde's Journal at the Tolga Bat Hospital near Cairns, Australia, Dec. 2010 Click here. Kelly Hovde's work at the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation SD 2011


David Adem Hovde CPT
Christian PeacemakerTeam in Iraq
Read 2010 article. Click here
Read David's 2011 CPT updates for Iraq posted below:

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Outstanding Peace Corps Leaders Were Honored with Kennedy Service Awards in Boston on March 4, 2006
Established in honor of 45 years of Peace Corps service to the global community, the awards are given every five years to six notable individuals: two current volunteers, two returned volunteers, and two Peace Corps staff members who help further the agency’s goals and mission through their commitment to world peace and friendship.

Peace Corps volunteers Scott Overdyke (Panama) and Barbara Schlieper (Ukraine); Peace Corps staff members William Bull (Madagascar) and Munkhjin Tsogt (Mongolia) and returned Peace Corps volunteers Tony Gasbarro (Dominican Republic and El Salvador) and Roland Foulkes (Ghana) were presented the Kennedy Service Awards.

Peace Corps Honors Members of Congress on March 4, 2006
Former volunteers include five current members of the U.S. House of Representatives and one senator, all of whom were honored by Peace Corps Director Gaddi Vasquez, who presented them with Peace Corps public service awards during a ceremony in Washington March 1.

The recipients were: Senator Christopher Dodd (Democrat of Connecticut), Dominican Republic, who served in the Peace Corps from 1966 to 1968; Representative Sam Farr (Democrat of California), Colombia, 1964-1966; Representative Michael Honda (Democrat of California), El Salvador, 1965-1967; Representative Thomas Petri (Republican of Wisconsin), Somalia, 1966-1967; Representative Christopher Shays (Republican of Connecticut), Fiji, 1968-1970; and Representative James Walsh (Republican of New York), Nepal, 1970-1972.

Two other lawmakers received public service awards for their long-term support of the Peace Corps: House Committee on International Relations Chairman Henry Hyde (Republican of Illinois) and Subcommittee on Foreign Operations Chairman Jim Kolbe (Republican of Arizona).

New Book of Peace Corps Stories Now Available
The latest book of Peace Corps stories, "A Life Inspired: Tales of Peace Corps Service," is a tapestry of stories from Director Vasquez as well as Peace Corps volunteers in Bolivia, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Guinea, Honduras, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Moldova, Nepal, Panama, Paraguay, Samoa, South Africa, Tanzania, Togo, Uzbekistan and Zambia.

The book can be purchased for $15.95 in bookstores or on the Government Printing Office's Web site. It can also be borrowed from your local library or found at local recruitment events.

Crisis Corps
To date, more than 650 Crisis Corps Volunteers have served in over 40 countries in Latin America, Africa, the Pacific, Asia, and Eastern Europe and 272 have been deployed domestically in the areas of:

HIV/AIDS Initiative
Natural Disaster Relief and Reconstruction
Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation
Humanitarian Assistance
Post-Conflict Relief and Reconstruction