Heroes and Heroines

The ultimate aim of the quest must be neither release nor ecstasy for oneself, but the wisdom and the power to serve others. seph Campbell

A great yogi said that the aim of the quest is liberation--that there is no difference in the attributes of Self and Other (i.e.existence, unity, and the ability to choose). Who each individual is, however, is absolutely unique

Do these aims conflict?  Is the wisdom and power to serve others the same as liberation?  

Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell reveal a world of dreams and thoughts, a world that is my beloved and my kin.  A great yogi set me on the practical path to liberation.  And you, my dear friends, are my smile and my teachers.

Separation From The Mother
Early dream 1945

Dream Gleaning

How ridicule comes about
Dream Dramatization

Dream Work
Remembering Dreams & Elaborating

Perchance to Study or Contemplate

Cosmic History Chronicles
by Jose Arguelles and Stephanie South, Five Volumes: Books of Throne, Avatar, Mystery, Initiation, Timespace.
"When we evolve wholeheartedly into an art planet, with the realization of the planet as a work of art, then we will realize that we ourselves-each and every one of us-are the artists that the planet is calling on to instrument evolution into the supermental/superhuman dimensional cycle of galactic consciousness." Vol III Book of the Mystery

Pyramid of Fire, The Lost Axtec Codex Spiritual Ascent at the End of Time
In 1961 the Lost Aztec Codex, Pyramid of Fire or Codex Matz-Ayauhtla, was acquired in by Marty Matz from a Mazatec Indian shaman who was a keeper of the ancient wisdom. Matz transcribed the original pictographic form of the codex, a hieroglyphic manuscript, into English. He held on to it guarding its wisdom for thirty-three years until he finally sent a copy of it to John Major Jenkins in 1994. For more on the codex click here.

Guiding a Person Through the After Death Experience
by H. C. Berner An interpretation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead

Perchance a Rhyme is Thine

See Poet Corner
Various Poems

The Divine Mother Ballad
The Verdant Isle

Mayan Heart Scrifice
A Poem

Crimson Flower and The Garden
Two Poems

Dance Little White Pony
Incredible Young Yogini

Heart Rendering
Alice Herz-Sommer

Perchance to Write

Bridge or Impasse

Thy Wish Is My Command
The Quietly Persistent Voice

In the Know

A Quiet Passing

Culture Shock

Peace Corps Ecuador

Matrioshka Doll
Brain Hypothetical Megastructure